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Studio 18

Mixing Options

Through our partnership with Studio 18, TMC offers amazing Industry Quality Mixing options for clients! Check it out!

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Gold Mix

This package is ideal for artists who are on a strict time schedule and budget. Mixed on Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors and a sound treated room, Golden mixes are no stranger to industry quality sound. Tracks are limited to 10 stems or less. The turnaround time for these mixes are three (3) days. 



Platinum Mix

Looking for that industry quality sound? This package may be right for you! Mixed in Studio A on NS10 Studio Monitors, PMC M81 Studio Monitors, Avantone Mix Cubes, QSC HPr153i PA Speakers, and two JBL LSR431 Subs, this mix is sure to stand out from the crowd. With a turnaround time of seven (7) days, this mix is perfect for those with a more flexible time schedule. Tracks are limited to 15 stems or less.



Diamond Mix

The ultimate mix for a reason, the Diamond Mix includes everything in the Platinum mix with the addition of the master. A unique mix, it includes the help of both Studio 18 and TMC engineers, giving your track the creative and technical quality control it needs. Tracks are limited to 20 stems or less. The turnaround time for these mixes are ten (10) days.

Mix Submission

Gold Mix $150

Platinum Mix $300

Diamond Mix $400

Email your tracks to

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